SOFT FOCUS is the blurring of lines to provide radiant and flawless, healthy-looking skin with immediate effects. Adding Soft Focus powders can provide instant benefits to cosmetic formulations, masking imperfections.Blurring away wrinkles and blemishes for a “perfect” look is an ever-growing trend amongst consumers, with a growing demand for skin-perfecting cosmetics.

The Presperse portfolio of specialty powders come in a diverse range of sizes, morphologies, surface treatments, and textures to help achieve a formulator’s needs.

Benefits of Soft Focus are delivered through visual, qualitative, and quantitative demonstrations. Please contact us today for more information on these solutions.



Products: Anybes
Ganzpearl GMP-0820
Formulary: 65-44-4

This face and eye primer stick instantly blurs imperfections, fine lines, and wrinkles by creating a soft focus effect. It can be used under makeup to help create a perfect canvas for a smooth and even application, or it can be used alone for easy touch-ups.

Apply under eye, along sides of the nose and around lips in a circular motion, gently blending with fingertips.


This sheer and luminous finishing face powder gives a cool, ethereal light appearance to the skin while providing soft focus properties with mineral and skin-balancing pigments. Skin appears brighter, characterized by a youthful glow.

Apply powder with a brush to areas of the face where you want to add a soft, subtle glow.


Products: Anybes
Formulary: 70-3-4

This very light and quickly penetrating lotion leaves a silky, soft after feel. The D5-like volatility of the SiClone SR-5 combined with the wrinkle-blurring, soft focus effect of the Anybes Nylon-12 gives this lotion a light application while leaving skin feeling moisturized and healthy.