Quality & Safety are Paramount

Presperse provides raw materials that are of the highest quality & safety.

We ensure high quality by verifying the origin and authenticity of each raw material against the certificate of analysis and ensuring that ingredient specifications adhere to our quality management policy.

Beyond our quality & safety, we provide technical data sheets to demonstrate our product performance and effectiveness.

Commitment to Quality & Safety

Procured From the Best in Class

Presperse sources raw materials from all over the world, ensuring safety, traceability, and regulatory compliance with a commitment to making the world a more beautiful place.

Presperse earned an EcoVadis gold metal in 2022, and as an EcoVadis member, we monitor environmental, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurements practices of our sourcing partners. Together we strive for continuous improvement to bring positive day-to-day business practices. 

Presperse is also proud to announce our membership in the Responsible Mica Initiative. As a stakeholder, we support fair labor practices as well as responsible and safe working conditions. To increase transparency and traceability, we provide the manufacturing location and full raw material specification in the COA (certificate of analysis) that accompanies your product shipment.

From where the materials are sourced

Our Trusted Partners

Presperse has longstanding relationships with manufacturing partners who are dedicated to providing the highest quality raw materials.  

Our trusted partners are experts in their respective fields with a history of creating advanced raw materials for the beauty industry. Together, we strive to provide innovative solutions and help improve the personal care and beauty wellness arena and to make the world a more beautiful place.

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