Daphne Benderly, PhD to present at AIChE Annual Meeting

Daphne Benderly, PhD of Presperse is a Co-Author with Freeman Technology on the paper, “Investigating the Impact of Texture Modifiers on the Flow Properties of Cosmetic and Personal Care Formulations,” which will be presented on November 20, 2020 during the AIChE Annual Meeting. According to Daphne Benderly, “Studying the Presperse silica line gave some new insights since it is a very structured line – similar particle sizes but different porosity, surface area, and oil absorption which all play a role in user experience and performance.”

This investigation was a collaboration between Presperse and Freeman Technology, a manufacturer of instrumentation for powder flow testing solutions. This study provided insights into the value and importance of understanding the relationship between powder flow properties and critical quality attributes (CQAs) that additives and texture modifiers deliver. Clear correlations of oil absorption were observed with several measured flow parameters, and the relationship evaluated through Multiple Linear Regression (MLR).  The advantages associated with the introduction of modifiers should be balanced with other effects that may influence properties such as flow performance.  In this case, higher Oil Absorption was observed for powders with lower cohesivity and increased permeability.

To read abstract click here

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