Environmental sustainability, ethical labor practices, and social & economic responsibility are key to our corporate foundation. Our team ensures that Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into all aspects of our business. Presperse Corporation is committed to Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain, ISCC PLUS requirements, and UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals with emphasis on Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Sustainable Production and Consumption and Climate Action. When you chose our ingredients, you are selecting raw materials with the highest standards in green chemistry, sustainability, ethics and transparency.

We lead by example, and we take a stand for what we believe in – making it possible for you (and your customers) to take a stand as well. Join us in making the world a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful place for all of us today and for future generations.

CSR Highlights



speciality cosmetic ingredients


Of leadership positions
filled by women


Of mica-based ingredients follow responsible sourcing principles


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Presperse.
Some of the initiatives and certifications we’re proud to be awarded include:

Climate Ambition Accelerator

The Climate Ambition Accelerator builds on the UN Global Compact’s network to develop and promote the Science Based Targets initiative, its net-zero standards, and will contribute to initiatives such as the Race to Zero campaign. It is a six month program for companies participating in the United Nations Global Compact who are looking to make progress towards setting science-based emissions targets and create a clear path to address their organization’s transitions to net-zero.

Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition

Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (Supplier LOCT) is an educational platform and company collaborative created to accelerate action towards reducing supply chain carbon emissions. Guidehouse facilitates an instructional seminar series with levels of progress designed to help suppliers create a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint, adopt reduction targets, disclose emissions, and explore abatement measures. The collaborative is standardizing the way forward for brands seeking to deliver on their climate targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.


TRASCE, the Traceability Alliance for Sustainable Cosmetics, brings together 14 companies from the industry to enhance traceability in key ingredient and packaging supply chains. This alliance aims to strengthen the collective understanding of supply chains across the cosmetics industry by mapping them through one common digital tool, Transparency-One and ultimately, inform collective actions to enhance environmental and social responsibility.


EcoVadis is the world-renown global sustainability rating that assesses the environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement in its verification of companies

UN Global Impact

The UN Global Compact is a global sustainability movement that aligns member company’s strategies and operations with principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and takes strategic actions to advance sustainability and societal goals. Under the UN Global Compact, Prepserse has chosen to focus on the below 4 corporate sustainability goals:

  • Gender equality- achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Decent work and economic growth- promote sustained, responsible consumption and production patterns
  • Climate action- take urgent actions to combat climate change and its impacts

Responsible Mica Initiative

The Responsible Mica Initiative is a coalition of action that establishes a fair, responsible, and sustainable mica supply chain that is free of child labor and provides responsible working conditions.

Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil

RSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) develops and implements standards for sustainable palm oil. An RSPO certification guarantees that every aspect of our palm oil supply chain is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

Our Actions and Goals

Our Actions:

  • Member of Responsible Mica Initiative
  • Member of Round Table for Responsible Palm Oil
  • Obtained Eco Vadis Gold
  • Obtained Great Place to Work Certification
  • Signatory to United Nations Global Compact, supporting Gender Equality, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Climate Action and Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Evaluate Sustainability of Supply Chain and our suppliers
  • Evaluate potential for renewable energy sources
  • Member, Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP)

Our Goals:

  • Achieving additional certifications related to environmental safety
  • Lower our carbon footprint
  • Achieve infinitely recycled materials
  • Adhere to SDG compass in all business actions to drive inclusive, sustainable prosperity
  • Excel in EcoVadis certification
  • Obtain ISCC PLUS certification
  • Improve supply chain visibility by joining SEDEX and undergoing SMETA certification

Presperse – as a worldwide partner to personal care and cosmetic companies, has joined United Nations (UN) Global Compact in July 2021.
By joining UN Global Compact, Presperse has committed to supporting UN Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


Gender Equality

Presperse Corporation is dedicated to promoting the active involvement of women in business, as one of the important management strategies. We respect the principle of gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities for persons identifying as LGBTI+. Creating a diverse and inclusive working environment helps us to increase creativity and to contribute as highly innovative partner for our customers.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

At Presperse Corporation, we are committed to recruiting versatile, talented, and dedicated employees with strong expertise. We strive to promote their development though a strong involvement in challenging projects. We are supporting our employees’ health and safety by building a culture that prioritizes work-home balance, work from anywhere and flexible working hours, the culture in which employees can develop a sense of social belonging.


Responsible Production and Consumption

Presperse Corporation promote environmental conservation, recognize initiatives related to preserving biodiversity, use of energy and water. We are dedicated to sustainable development and corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR). This approach supports Presperse in making decisions and actions to control the impact of our activities on environment and ensure their sustainability economically, environmentally, and socially.  We are committed to identifying and addressing high risk of human rights violations and environmental damage in supply chain and developing partnerships with suppliers that meet the highest environmental and social standards.


Responsible Mica

As a distributor of mica and mica containing products for cosmetics and personal care industry, it is Presperse’s responsibility to support Responsible Mica Initiative. We support all the efforts towards a world where the supply chains related to mica are fair, responsible, and mostly – free of child labor. By doing so, and joining forces with other companies, we hope to contribute to sustainable practices and increased traceability of mica supply in India and Madagascar.


Palm Oil

Presperse Corporation is committed to transparency and sustainability related to the use of palm oil. Together, with other members of RSPO, we are committed to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and want to achieve our joined vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm. It is our goal to have 100% RSPO certified products at minimum Mass Balance (MB) supply chain options to protect, conserve and enhance ecosystems, reduce poverty and provide sustainable livelihoods of impacted people and build competitive and sustainable sector.


Climate Action

Presperse Corporation promotes renewable energy, efficient energy utilization and fuel conversion that contributes to reducing CO2 emission. We aim to make the Group Carbon Neutral in 2050. We are becoming more aware about our responsibility, role, and impact on climate change. As we are at the beginning of the journey, we aim to evaluate our carbon footprint and together with suppliers, measure the Scope 3 emissions, understand the baseline and develop further actions to reduce the impact on climate change.

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