Company History

Presperse®, founded in 1981 by the late Alan B. Black, began its success as a company based upon a single technology, and diverted portfolio from Color to Skin and Sun Care materials.

In 2007, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas invested in Presperse for 20%, and then acquired the remaining 80% in 2010 together with Sumitomo Corporation to become a 100% Sumitomo Corporation subsidiary. Sumitomo Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated global trading firms with trade, distribution and diversified industrial and consumer goods.

Under the umbrella of Sumitomo Corporation, Presperse has obtained a global platform as well as financial back bone. Additionally it is controlled under Sumitomo’s internal control.


Presperse Inc. founded by the late Alan B. Black.


Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA) acquires 20% stake in Presperse Inc.


SCOA and Sumitomo Corporation acquire 100% stake in Presperse Inc.


Presperse Corporation, a global market leader.

Today, Presperse is more than 400 products strong and provides services for more than 300 customers.

Mission & Commitment

“Operational Excellence & Innovative Technology”

Presperse, commitment to excellence begins with our people, who are united in a common goal of achieving success with our external customers, our internal team and our suppliers. We are a premier supplier of innovative technical solutions for our global customers, and we intend to remain a market leader for raw materials used in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry.

Direction & Strategy

We accomplish our goals by exceeding our customer’s expectations, offering outstanding technical solutions for their formulating needs, and backing up this technology with unparalleled sales and customer service. We maintain a product technology pipeline filled with new ideas for emerging application needs, as well as operational excellence.

Our company achieves this success through a combination of excellent people, processes, and tools, and we strive to continually improve in every aspect of our business. Presperse commitment by top Management to ensure compliance with requirement of ISO 9001-2008 International standard and to continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system.