Presperse Corporation Joins Fragrance Creators Association

Posted on November 10th, 2022

Presperse Corporation has joined the Fragrance Creators Association’s membership of more than 60 businesses spanning the fragrance supply chain.

“I have been impressed by the work Fragrance Creators does on behalf of the entire fragrance supply chain,” said Joy Atkinson, president and CEO of Presperse. “Since 1981, Presperse has been a trusted partner to beauty brands across the world. We know how important it is to work collaboratively to produce innovative products that are also sustainable. Our values of integrity, respect for people, and leadership align closely with those we have seen at Fragrance Creators. We are on a mission to leave the world more beautiful for people and the planet and are excited to add perfume to that list as well through our work with Farah and the team.”

“Joy has been a longtime champion of the fragrance value chain and we are delighted to welcome Presperse as the newest member of our association,” said Farah K. Ahmed, president & CEO, Fragrance Creators. “Fragrance Creators is thrilled to grow our membership with values driven leaders and industry stewards that prioritize science-based policies that are good for people, perfume, and the planet. Presperse will be a great addition to our membership as we, together, drive positive impacts for all.”

Actives & Delivery

Posted on May 11th, 2022


Actives and Delivery is a functional technology benefit platform that includes performance polymers and multi-stabilizing micro-emulsion technology through encapsulation of active ingredients for improved solubility and stabilization.

The Presperse portfolio highlights several skin care actives that have benefits such as soothing, anti-aging, slimming and protection from environmental aggressors.

GreenDiol – The Hardest Working Natural Polyol You Need

Posted on November 5th, 2021

Now more than ever, consumers are paying attention to the specific ingredients going into the products they use on a daily basis. A shift in values over the past decade underscores a demand for safe, sustainable ingredients that support the health of the people using them as well as the planet. The educated consumer is asking: what am I eating? What chemicals am I spraying on my countertops? What’s in the cream that I’m putting on my face? In a time where we are increasingly reading “clean” on our health and beauty labels, it’s no surprise retailers are investing more into research that evaluates the efficacy of “green” ingredients. But can these ingredients match up against their synthetic counterparts?

In the case of GreenDiol™, an eco-alternative to synthetic polyol, yes, it can. GreenDiol (a tradename for 2,3-butanediol), produced by GS Caltex Corporation in Seoul, South Korea, is a natural polyol that offers a convenient alternative to personal care formulators. Produced through fermentation, GreenDiol functions as a humectant, preservative booster, solvent, and even provides benefits to hair treatments and colorants.  This multi-functional, biobased polyol packs a lot of value into one ingredient. Even more, it is a naturally occurring material found in the simplest of environments including soil, plants, honey, wine and even the human body. GreenDiol is sourced from sugarcane and is non-GMO, COSMOS approved, EU-REACH registered, VEGAN certified and USDA bio-based certified. It is readily biodegradable and has an ISO 16128 natural index of 1.

The real beauty of GreenDiol is that it doesn’t sacrifice performance for its sustainability bells and whistles. In studies conducted by Sumitomo Corporation’s cosmetic group companies’ R&D teams (Presperse is a Sumitomo Corporation Group Company), GreenDiol was tested against other polyols to determine if it could produce similar or better results that would make it a valuable asset to formulators looking for a natural alternative. The results revealed just how valuable GreenDiol is as a multiuse ingredient.

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Posted on April 19th, 2021

Presperse is pleased to announce that on April 19, 2021, Mehul Shah, joined our team as Chief Finance Officer, reporting to Joy Atkinson, President & CEO for Presperse Corporation. Mehul has a cross-functional background spanning Finance & Engineering and has been working in Finance in different capacities for the last 15 years. He loves partnering with business, working cross-functionally to drive economic value, and improving profitability.


Posted on April 5th, 2021

Presperse is pleased to announce that on March 29, 2021, Lori Katz joined our team as Vice President Operations & Supply Chain, reporting to Joy Atkinson, President & CEO for Presperse Corporation. Lori has over 25 years experience in the Beauty and Personal Care sector with a focus, in the past 10 years, on Supply Chain. Her passions include ensuring customers have the products they need and solving problems to build better cross-functional relationships. Lori truly loves this industry and has hit the ground running. Please join us in welcoming Lori to the team.


Posted on March 29th, 2021

Presperse is pleased to announce that on March 15, 2021, Hee Jeong Son, joined our team as Vice President Supply Innovation. Hee Jeong Son has 25 years of experience in the beauty industry.  The first half of Hee Jeong’s career was focused on consumer brand marketing.  She created, developed, and launched global fine fragrance and personal care brands that are still in the marketplace today.  The second half of Hee Jeong’s career was supporting brands from the supplier’s side.  Working for fragrance raw material suppliers, she supported multi-national brands with strategies for market growth.  Hee Jeong spent the last 6 years working at contract manufacturers, in the cosmetics, skincare, and suncare categories.  She created enviable formulations for rising indie and multi-national brands using innovative raw materials to provide high-performance products for commercial success. Please join us in welcoming Hee Jeong to the team!

Daphne Benderly, PhD and Marie Yednak-Carpenter present paper at SCC 74th Annual Scientific Meeting

Posted on November 29th, 2020

Daphne Benderly, PhD and Marie Yednak-Carpenter of Presperse are joint authors on the paper, “Texture analysis / strength evaluation of pressed powders,” which will be presented on December 11th, 2020 during the SCC 74th Annual Scientific Meeting and Showcase. According to Daphne and Marie, “Examples will be given of the effect of varying ingredients or pressing conditions on the strength of a pressed powder formulation, using texture analyzer measurements.”

Daphne Benderly, PhD & Marie Yednak-Carpenter

Presperse Announces Joy Atkinson as new President & CEO

Posted on November 23rd, 2020

Presperse is pleased to announce that on November 16, 2020, Joy Atkinson joined Presperse as President & CEO, reporting to Shohei Shibukawa, Global President for Sumitomo Cosmetic Materials Business.  Joy brings a wealth of industry and leadership experience to Presperse and has a proven track record of growing key global accounts, building businesses, and mentoring team members.  Her most recent corporate experience includes successfully leading Firmenich’s Body, Home Care, Perfumery business in North America as President.  Prior to this role, Joy held the position of President, Fragrance Division, North America at Symrise.  Joy has also held numerous executive positions in Marketing and Sales.  In addition to Joy’s leadership role at Presperse, she is a Board Member for Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW). 

Please join us in welcoming Joy to the team!

Daphne Benderly, PhD to present at AIChE Annual Meeting

Posted on November 20th, 2020

Daphne Benderly, PhD of Presperse is a Co-Author with Freeman Technology on the paper, “Investigating the Impact of Texture Modifiers on the Flow Properties of Cosmetic and Personal Care Formulations,” which will be presented on November 20, 2020 during the AIChE Annual Meeting. According to Daphne Benderly, “Studying the Presperse silica line gave some new insights since it is a very structured line – similar particle sizes but different porosity, surface area, and oil absorption which all play a role in user experience and performance.”

This investigation was a collaboration between Presperse and Freeman Technology, a manufacturer of instrumentation for powder flow testing solutions. This study provided insights into the value and importance of understanding the relationship between powder flow properties and critical quality attributes (CQAs) that additives and texture modifiers deliver. Clear correlations of oil absorption were observed with several measured flow parameters, and the relationship evaluated through Multiple Linear Regression (MLR).  The advantages associated with the introduction of modifiers should be balanced with other effects that may influence properties such as flow performance.  In this case, higher Oil Absorption was observed for powders with lower cohesivity and increased permeability.

To read abstract click here

Announcing the Retirement of Paulo Rodrigues, Presperse President and CEO

Posted on July 1st, 2020

It is with mixed emotions we announce that Paulo Rodrigues, President and CEO of Presperse Corporation, will be leaving the company effective July 31st to attend to personal matters. Paulo’s leadership has been a tremendous driver of growth for our company, and we wish our colleague and friend the very best in this new chapter.

Nobuhiro Uchida, Presperse EVP, will step in as interim President & CEO until Paulo’s permanent replacement is determined. Nobu has been an integral player in Presperse’s growth and success and we are confident his leadership will allow us to carry on business as usual. As always, our company remains committed to providing the very best service, solutions and opportunities for our business partners.

Nobuhiro Uchida appointed as Executive Vice President at Presperse

Posted on May 5th, 2020

Presperse Corporation has appointed Nobuhiro Uchida as Executive Vice President at Presperse, reporting directly to the Company’s CEO, Paulo Rodrigues. In his new role, Mr. Uchida will oversee the Sales, Commercial, Regulatory, QA/QC and IT functions at Presperse, while remaining a key member of the leadership team.

Having most recently served as Director in the Life Sciences Unit at SCOA, Mr. Uchida’s career has spanned over 22 years at Sumitomo Corporation, with increasing levels of responsibility in the organization’s pharmaceutical and personal care businesses. His contributions include aiding in the transformation of Sumitomo Corporation’s global personal care business, including the sourcing of global contracts and building the ingredient business throughout the America’s.

“We look forward to leveraging the wealth of commercial knowledge and technical experience in multiple regions and roles Nobu brings to his new position at Presperse,” said Paulo Rodrigues, CEO of Presperse. 

“This is an important step as we continue our strategy of global unification within the Sumitomo Corporation personal care network,” said Shohei Shibukawa, President of Sumitomo Corporation’s Global Personal Care Business. “In his new position, Nobu will be able to build deeper relationships with our customers and suppliers, helping to grow our global business further.”

In addition to his role as EVP, Mr. Uchida will participate as a key member of Sumitomo Corporation’s Global Leadership Team within its personal care business.

Presperse to showcase latest innovations at California SCC Suppliers Day!

Posted on September 5th, 2019

Presperse combines color with care bringing new technology access to the personal care industry. Supporting effects from ageless skin health to immediate optical impressions; we offer formulators proven performance, exceptional quality and value.

Visit us at Booth #616 to learn more about our Performance Platforms and the latest ingredients and technologies to support performance and claims through: Optical Wow, Clean Beauty, Long Wear, Soft Focus, Environmental Defense and Actives & Delivery.

The event will take place October 2-3rd, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

For more information please contact

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