February 2018

Presperse featured in Expression Cosmétique Trade Magazine!

Presperse was featured in the December issue of Expression Cosmétique. The article titled ‘Texture and Cosmetics’ features Presperse innovation centers latest research to measure texture in product application.

Texture claims are a key differentiator for products on the market in personal care and cosmetics. The Research and Development team at Presperse demonstrates how they were able to use a Brookfield texture analyzer to measure texture, taking subjective human sensory out of the analysis. This research will take product design to the next level.

Expression Cosmétique is a bilingual French-English trade magazine for all professionals in the cosmetics and perfumery industry.

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December 2017

Presperse Presents the Allan B. Black Award

On December 11th, Presperse awarded their annual Allan B. Black Award at the SCC 71st Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase. The award, which is presented at the Society’s Annual Meeting each year, recognizes the best paper on makeup technology presented at either the previous Annual Scientific Meeting or published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. This year’s award was presented by Dennis Laba, Director of Regulatory Affairs & QC at Presperse, for the paper: A Set of Non-Human Test Methods for Comprehensive Understanding of Color Cosmetics’ Sebum Resistance. The authors of the paper are Zhi Li, Ph.D. (pictured), Paul Pretzer, Kimmai Nguyen Ph. D., Celine Bougaran, Marc Eeman, Ph. D., Jean-Luc Garaud, and Isabelle Van Reeth, all of Dow Corning.

November 2017

Presperse Makes Donation to New Road School in Somerset

Students at the New Road School in Somerset, NJ are enjoying their lunchtime a bit more with the brand new tables and chairs donated by Presperse Corporation.

“Giving back to the community is essential as a local business enterprise,” explained Koh Akiyama, President of Presperse.  “Many of us at Presperse are members of this very community, and we are focused on helping out wherever we can, whenever we can.”

Philanthropy is embedded in Presperse’s vision statement, which states “We strive to achieve sustainable growth as an innovation partner, and contribute to society.” 

The New Road School is a private school for students with developmental, learning, social, behavioral and language disabilities. They serve students from 5 years of age to 21 years, providing individualized instruction in accordance with each child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).  The New Road School currently serves over 200 students.

October 2017

Presperse to showcase latest innovations at California SCC Suppliers Day!

Presperse combines color with care bringing new technology access to the personal care industry. Supporting effects from ageless skin health to immediate optical impressions; we offer formulators proven performance, exceptional quality and value.

Visit us at Booth #562 to learn more about our Performance Platforms and the latest ingredients and technologies to support performance and claims through: Optical Wow, Long Wear, Soft Focus, Environmental Defense and Actives & Delivery.

The event will take place October 25-26th, 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

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August 2017

Presperse launches NEW line of Arcopearl Effect Pigments

Presperse has launched a wide selection of effect pigments that include synthetic mica and natural mica based options




The new Arcopearl line, only available through Presperse features Arcopearl FEHD, a new generation of synthetic mica flakes. These high definition effect pigments utilize a unique patented technology designed to coat synthetic mica in a novel, unconventional way. Unlike conventional layered pigments, Arcopearl FEHD uses synthetic mica coated by Iron Oxide and then Titanium dioxide to create a new layered pearl pigment. This new layering process creates outstanding visual and sparkle effects that offer: exceptional brightness, intense chroma and superior sensory benefits unlike traditional pigments. Arcopearl FEHD is available in two particle size ranges and features six colors.

Also new to the line, Arcopearl Sparkle which is engineered to deliver superior whiteness, high chroma, intensity and brightness. The Arcopearl Sparkle portfolio consists of  smoothly coated synthetic mica pigments that add dramatic visual effects with superior interference colors due to the crisp whiteness of its base, exceptional sensory and have a  guaranteed low level of heavy metal specifications. Arcopearl Sparkle is available in four particle size ranges and features 7 colors.

Finally, Arcopearl Pure rounds off the new line of effect pigments with a natural mica option. Advancing natural mica based technologies, Arcopearl Pure pearlescent pigments are finely coated metallic oxide onto a smooth surfaced natural mica substrate. These effect pigments display intense luster, high chroma, and excellent sensory benefits with exceptional value for cost effective formulations. Arcopearl Pure is available in 9 colors, with Silver available in 3 particle size ranges.

For more information, samples and/or formulation prototypes featuring these products, please contact:

June 2017

Presperse’s Kristina Kannheiser Talks Transformations at SCC Virtual Event

The Mid-Atlantic SCC hosted a live virtual event from three separate locations that focused on transformations that can take place through formulations. Presperse chemist Kristina Kannheiser, who presented at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ, was one of three to present at this lie virtual event.

The Presperse presentation focused on the “instant” soft focus effect on skin when Presperse powders are incorporated in a formulation. A Visia-CR imaging booth was used to take “before” and “after” pictures of locations on the face. Then, the resulting images were analyzed using Vaestro Imaging Analysis software. This software is able to characterize and quantify wrinkles and fine lines visible on the subject, using mean length, total area, and mean line thickness.

Three difference Presperse powders were tested against a control in a pressed powder formula on three subjects. The soft focus effect was quantified by using reduction of very coarse lines, mean length, and mean thickness of the wrinkles. The results showed that versus a control, all powders tested (Spheron P-1500-030, Luxsil, and Ganzpearl GMP-0820) had an immediate soft focus effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

May 2017

Zsolt Szabados Speaks at Rutgers’ Center for Dermal Research Seminar Series – “Sunscreen Formulation and its Challenges”

Presperse’s Director of R&D, Zsolt Szabados recently spoke at Rutgers’ CDR about the challenges of sunscreen formulation.

Discussion Highlights:

Following the new FDA mandated labeling rule in 2011, formulators have faced challenges creating broad-spectrum, esthetically pleasing formulations. The limitations in the number of UV filters in the US and the numerous stability and health related concerns do not allow for a lot of creative high UV performance and global compliance in formulation design. Sunscreen formulation is extremely complex for various reason. In addition to dealing with the prohibition of various UV filter combinations, formulators face compatibility issues with several cosmetically approved ingredients. For example, the choice of a solvent/emollient could positively or negatively impact the absorption of the filter system or cause instabilities, such as crystallization. Emulsifiers are another category of ingredients that need close attention since they could impact the water resistance of the formulation and potentially cause irritation in already UV sensitized skin. Polymers can influence the rheological profile of the product impacting the uniformity and the thickness of the film delivered on the skin surface and thus the UV performance.

Nevertheless, formulators are pushed to include UV filters in all types of preparations, as sunscreens are becoming part of our daily care routines.

June 2016

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day: Cosmetics Business article features Presperse innovations

Cosmetics Business feature – Igniting ideas: The hottest innovations from NYSCC Suppliers’ Day

From 10-11 May the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day returned to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. From beautiful booths to novel concepts, Cosmetics Business provides its highlights from 2016’s edition.

View the full articles on the Cosmetics Business website:

Igniting Ideas: The hottest innovations from NYSCC Suppliers

May 2016

Presperse Live From In-Cosmetics Paris 2016: Happi Magazine features

May 2016

Cosmetics-Design-Europe: Presperse focuses on the growing optical trend

Cosmetics-Design-Europe: Presperse focuses on the growing optical trende

By Simon Pitman, 10-May-2016

View Cosmetic Design Europe’s interview with Presperse’s Director of Marketing, Heidi Lebel:

Presperse focuses on the growing optical trend

April 2016

Presperse featured with Cosmetics Design for In-Cosmetics 2016

Trend Spotting: in-cosmetics and the US marketplace

By Deanna Utroske, 14-Apr-2016

As the in-cosmetics personal care ingredient trade show in Paris comes to a close, Cosmetics Design shares their own key insights from the show floor as well as observations from market researchers on the scene.

View the full article on the Cosmetics Design website: Trend Spotting: in-cosmetics and the US marketplace

April 2016

In-Cosmetics 2016: Presperse featured with SpecialChem

Presperse In-Cosmetics 2016 Feature: Exhibits Optical Techniques and Sensorial Properties

By SpecialChem, 14 March 2016

Presperse’s Heidi Lebel, Director of Marketing, speaks with SpecialChem at In-Cosmetics in Paris about the range of technologies that Presperse offers to make lasting optical impressions through soft, vibrant, colorful, and active elements.

View the full article on the SpecialChem website: Presperse at In-Cosmetics 2016

April 2016

Presperse to highlight the optics of beautiful skin at in-cosmetics 2016

Presperse to highlight the optics of beautiful skin at in-cosmetics 2016

SOMERSET, NJ – At in-cosmetics 2016 in Paris, Presperse will demonstrate a range of optical techniques and technologies that serve to bring soft, vibrant, colorful, and active elements to all skin types.

“Reflection of light is often a pathway to beautiful skin,” said Heidi Lebel, Director of Marketing, Presperse. “A range of innovative technologies now available from Presperse serve to scatter light systematically and bring an immediate youthful look to skin.”

Presperse examines the morphology and particle size of powders and tailors these to deliver varying functional and sensorial properties in applications such as BB creams, skin firming serums, foundations, powders, and lipsticks. Multifunctional powders with attributes such as oil and sebum absorption, transparency, adhesion, and SPF boosting bring additional benefits to finished formulations designed for soft, luminous effects.

Optical effects and color often go together to create visually appealing and impactful products. At one end of the spectrum lies highly-loaded pigments (70%) for intensive, long-wear color applications, while the other end of the spectrum lies a more innovative encapsulation technology, which can temporarily mask color before revealing it upon application.

Formulators of multifunctional skin care products, such as BB creams, may include natural plant extracts in addition to optical ingredients to advance the look of beautiful skin. Presperse offers a range of actives, including Lumiesse, a product that combines the anti-inflammatory power of natural plant extracts with the antioxidant benefit of vitamin C to help delay the visible signs of skin aging, and restore the luminescence of youthful-looking skin.

“Decades of knowledge in evaluating, formulating, and quantifying ingredient performance form the basis of unique solutions from Presperse. Meet with us at in-cosmetics and ask us how we bring optical innovations to the personal care industry with highly functional powders, spherical products, pre-dispersed pigments, UV sunscreens, moisturizing agents, and actives,” she said.

For more information, visit Presperse at Stand B65, April 12-14, Porte de Versailles, Paris.


About Presperse Corporation

Presperse brings new technology access to the personal care industry in the areas of surface-treated and functional powders, conditioning agents and film formers, actives & extracts; offering guidance on how to best use these technologies in color cosmetic, skin and sun care formulations.

A Sumitomo Corporation Group company, Presperse provides ingredients of exceptional quality, value, and efficiency. Together with its global network of technology partners, Presperse is dedicated to further advancing the capabilities of new and established technologies within its portfolio.




March 2016

SCC Cosmetic Rheology Course led by Presperse

The next course offered at the National Office will be ‘Cosmetic Rheology‘ scheduled for April 6, 2016. Attendees will be instructed by Dennis Laba, the current Director of Regulatory Affairs and QC at PRESPERSE Corp. Mr. Laba has over 35 years of experience in the cosmetic industry with many of them in technical roles, and he has authored a number of professional papers.

Cosmetic Rheology will help provide a practical understanding of the principles behind cosmetic flow, how it is measured and why it has become an integral part of cosmetic formulating. It will also examine some typical rheological additives used in formulating and review the profiles of some commercially successful products.

This course is appropriate for anyone looking to become more familiar with the basic concepts and definitions involved in rheology, and for those who have already been involved in the field and are looking to update and refresh their understanding.

For more information, please visit the SCC website: SCC Cosmetic Rheology

September 2014

Presperse Announces New Leadership Appointments

Presperse President, Mr. Sumio Hino has been appointed to lead the management of Sumitomo Corporation’s (SC) global cosmetics business, and will soon be returning to Tokyo, Japan, where SC has its headquarters.

Since Sumitomo’s initial investment in Presperse in 2007, Mr. Hino has worked to enhance the levels of service and quality by strengthening the organization and expanding its capabilities. He has broadened the sourcing and distribution network and added value through relationships with Sumitomo Group companies such as, Cosmotec International Especialidades Ltd. in Brazil and Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe, and with Sumitomo Corporation Japan and Sumitomo Corporation China. Mr. Hino will continue to manage those relationships within his new Japan-based role.

Mr. Koh Akiyama has been appointed President and CEO, replacing Mr. Hino. Mr. Akiyama has been serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Presperse, and is also a board member of SC group companies, Cosmotec in Brazil and Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe. He brings almost 30 years of experience at SC in the chemicals industry, including 10 years business experience while based in New York.

In anticipation of his move, Mr. Akiyama said, “I am looking forward to meeting our valued customers and supplier partners, and growing Presperse’s new products portfolio. I am committed to ensuring that we provide our customers the highest quality service and products.”

August 2013

Presperse® Granted Patents for Two Innovative Products

Somerset, NJ- August 14th, 2013– Presperse, a premier global supplier of raw materials and advanced technologies for the cosmetic industry, was recently granted US Patents for two of their products: SiClone® SR-5 and SiClone TD-150. The main focus of these ingredients is their non-silicone based compositions, an accomplishment in regards to the hesitation to use silicones in cosmetics over the past few years.

SiClone® SR-5 is composed entirely of hydrocarbons, maintaining silicone-like aesthetic and volatility properties while eliminating the need for cyclopentasiloxanes. This product can be used for full or partial replacement of volatile silicones.

SiClone TD-150 utilizes SiClone SR-5  in its composition, allowing several important benefits with its use. This particular ingredient is a non-silicone dispersion based on hydrocarbons, providing ease of use and eliminating the need for a wetting agent which can often times cause instability within the formulation. A high concentration of titanium dioxide is achieved in this product (35-40%), previously unreachable without the use of a wetting agent.

Both products can be utilized in skin care products, color cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and especially in UV-attenuating formulations such as sunblocks, sunscreens and tanning lotions.

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June 2013

Pellicer Proves to be a Hair Care Wonder in Recent Testing: Presperse’s Remedy for Dry, Damaged Hair

Presperse, a premier global supplier of raw materials and advanced technologies for the cosmetic industry, has recently tested further applications for one of their ingredients in hair care products with very successful results. Pellicer, a peptide-like, plant derived active ingredient, is one of Presperse’s only hair care ingredients proven to repair damage from heat and chemical processing as well as improve the overall look and feel of hair.

Pellicer can be used in a wide variety of hair care products, both rinse-off and leave-on. Testing showed that the addition of Pellicer to a simple shampoo was comparable to, and sometimes even outperformed, the #1 selling shampoo for dry, damaged hair currently on the market. Additional benefits to using Pellicer in hair care products include reduced static, increased volume, smoother hair fibers and prevention of further damage.

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June 2013

New Trademark Reaffirms Uniqueness and Effectiveness of Lumiesse

Recently trademarked by Presperse, a premier global supplier of raw materials and advanced technologies for the cosmetic industry, the term Skinflamm-Aging® refers to the result of a complex combination of processes resulting in thin, dull, uneven skin with fine lines and rough texture. These are the exact signs of aging that are counteracted by using LUMIESSE, a powerful and fast-acting ingredient to help restore the glow of youthful skin.

Released in March of 2013, LUMIESSE combines the anti-inflammatory power of natural plant extracts with a stable form of vitamin C with demonstrated efficacy. Antioxidant protection combined with a boost in collagen improve texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The recent approval by the USPTO of the trademark for the term Skinflamm-AgingTM  further highlights the uniqueness of LUMIESSE’s approach to restoring aging skin.

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