LONG WEAR means delivering extended performance to provide the optical impression for immediate effects and long-lasting activity.

Extended wear from Presperse ingredients is delivered through various technologies across powders, pigments, and film-formers.

The Presperse portfolio of products offers broad formulation flexibility and processing robustness in cream, lotion, and powder finished good platforms.

Performance of these key long-wearing ingredients has been validated through visual, qualitative, and quantitative demonstrations. Please contact us for more information and to see the difference these ingredients can make to your formulation..



Products: Ganzpearl SIG-070
Formulary: 40-59-5

This simple, non-pilling, O/W foundation provides moderate coverage with a refreshing burst of water. It is formulated as a carbomer-based cold process foundation using a sole amino acid based emulsifier with a one-component oil phase. This version of Clean and Simple has been enhanced for long wear applications.

Apply using fingers, applicator brush or sponge, evenly blending all over face.


This soft pressed powder has a silky smooth texture, providing a natural look with moderate coverage. Key long-wearing ingredients help extend the wear so your look stays put longer.

Apply a liberal amount onto a brush or puff applicator and gently roll onto the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.


Products: Pearl I
Permethyl© 104A
Formulary: 65-45-2

This talc-free mineral pressed powder blush provides great extended wear and a fun, vibrant pop of color. Its delightful cherry shade gives the cheeks a flush of color and a healthy natural glow.

Apply to the apples of the cheeks with a brush and blend along cheekbone.


Products: Permethyl© 104A
Formulary: 65-54-1

This highly pigmented lip gloss glides on smoothly during application, delivering an intense amount of color. The formula helps provide moisturization without leaving a sticky or tacky feeling behind, and its look is long-lasting.

Apply lip gloss with applicator to deliver lip color and shine. It can be applied over lipstick for a more intense look.